Future Fest Dance Party

Rain and Shine: Future Fest 2015!

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. This year’s Future Fest celebration built on traditions, memories, and relationships developed over the event’s six-year history. But there was one noticeable difference that no one could ignore: this time the rains came! After a vibrant morning of fun, music, and rummage, the day was punctuated with a riot of…

2015 storytelling

Announcing our 2015 Summer Storytelling Series!

What do Outsiders, Magic, Showdowns, and Turning Points have in common? These are the themes for our series of 2015 storytelling nights! Need more? Have you ever felt like your were on the outside looking in? Have you ever known anyone who didn’t seem to belong? That’s our kickoff theme for the first storytelling night….

April Supper Club

Dinner and a movie at the Riviera Theatre!

The Lunchbox is a feast of a film, and one that leaves the viewer hungry as soon as the credits roll. The Indian movie follows the travels of a lunchbox in Mumbai’s famous lunch-delivery system and chronicles the lives of those who interact with it. How appropriate, we thought, to pair this with an array…


Representin’ & learnin’ at upcoming conferences

The next several months are chock full of great conferences throughout Michigan where our *cino volunteer staff will be speaking, displaying and learning.  We wanted to let you all know about them so you can see some of our behind-the-scenes work and also consider attending, if any of them sound like your kind of thing….

Huss visioning 2

How would we spend $500,000? Come hear the answer Wednesday!

As part of the visioning process for the city of Three Rivers, Rob and I did a whirlwind presentation about the Huss Project on February 11.  So many citizens voiced their support for the Huss Project that we’ve been invited back to this week’s session to do a 10-minute presentation on how we’d spend $500,000. …

Fall Colors Supper Club

A fall colors dinner

People keep telling us that we should start a restaurant. To quote one satisfied Supper Club attendee, “You guys are the best restaurant in Three Rivers!” Even said glibly, this is a comment that has stuck with us. We would never sell short the efforts of those restauranteurs already established in our fine city, but…

Downtown Harvest Market

Join us at the Downtown Harvest Market!

The garden at the Huss Project has become something special for the folks involved in and around the school. We find ourselves continuing to learn more about the process of growing food, of sharing that food, and what it means in the context of what we’re trying to do at Huss. The arm of that…

September storytelling

A rich autumn harvest of stories

If you weren’t sure already, *culture is not optional and company love good food. Out of this love grew a storytelling event on Friday, September 12, with the theme of (you guessed it!) “Food.” White Yarrow Farm — a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm in Marcellus, Michigan, operated by Dale Hasenick and Jo Beachy —…

Summer 2014

A look back at a full summer at Huss

When summer winds down, when temperatures fall and the distinct smell of autumn infuses the air, we at the Huss Project find ourselves in a time of reflection. Summer is our busiest time of the year, and this past summer was our busiest yet! We kicked off the season by screwing together a cadre of picnic…


Vandalism: Is it “just” a tomato?

A couple of weeks ago, Rob arrived at the Huss Project to find the yard around the community garden strewn with vegetables.  We’d been battling a woodchuck nemesis, and also a possum, but this was too sophisticated for those critters, if you can call throwing tomatoes at the windows “sophisticated.”  Let’s just say, it was…


Community Fun Night finale!

The sounds of play have filled the Huss Project each Wednesday night this summer. Shouts of excitement and sometimes frustration have mingled with the sounds of balls flying through the air, paper rustling for the craft of the night, and crackers crunching between kids’ hungry teeth. Now we invite you all to come share in…

5 song dance party

That’s a wrap: Future Festival 2014!

So it happened again. On July 19th, a myriad of people from Three Rivers and beyond hiked to the Huss Project for a celebration of food, art, and play. The day went wonderfully. The weather was bright, the air was filled with the beat of “Everything is Awesome,” and the people came in droves. Droves…