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Summer 2016 at the Huss Project in review

Summer 2016 at the Huss Project in review

Summer 2016 at the Huss Project in review

Another summer is in the books at the Huss Project! As we start to wind down for the fall and winter, we’re grateful for a fun and successful few months of programs, gardening, fundraising, and more.

Interns and volunteers
A big thank you to the folks who contributed their gifts and abilities to our work this summer. Many, many volunteers make Huss run all summer and we continue to be amazed by what we can do when we work together as neighbors. We couldn’t have done it without our summer interns—Aubrey, Chelsea, Lauren A., Lauren O., and Tess! Also, we were so pleased to have Nate and Alexandra back to lead the household of our intentional community – they met as interns two summers ago, and came back to Three Rivers this year as a married couple!

Summer lunches
For the third summer running, we’ve been partnering with Three Rivers Community Schools as a site for free lunches served to school-age kids every weekday. It’s a great way for us to connect with families in the neighborhood, and over the course of the summer, we served over 2,100 lunches – wow!

Community Fun Nights
After a hiatus last summer, Community Fun Night came back by popular demand. With something for everyone – games, crafts, snacks, and the occasional water fight to beat the heat – we enjoyed the company of our neighbors.

Gardening (at two locations!)
Our garden at the Huss Project continues to amaze us with its productivity. And, a new addition to our garden this year is a plot on the property of a local church, through a partnership with the United Community Assistance Program (UCAP)! This exciting opportunity has greatly expanded our capacity to grow fresh produce, which is donated to local agencies including the Domestic Assault Shelter, Community Kitchen at Trinity Episcopal, and the Emergency Food Site. Produce is also sold at the Three Rivers Farmers Market, alongside fruit, vegetables, and baked goods from other local farms.

Huss Future Festival
Our most-anticipated community event of the summer again proved to be a great success, with a wonderful variety of activities for all ages, including such additions as a fine art gallery, a water-themed obstacle course, and a celebrity fundraiser. Despite the intensely hot day, we had a blast with 700 of our best friends, and we raised over $5000! Read all about the joyous day here and see photos here.

Storytelling Nights
Not to be forgotten were two storytelling events at the Huss Project, the themes of which followed monthly topics of Topology Magazine, the online publication of *culture is not optional. We heard stirring and humorous stories about sharing food and coming and going.

The ending of a season is a bittersweet feeling, but we also welcome the change of pace. We’re looking forward to our fall staff retreat, where we’ll be reviewing the past year, making plans for the year on the horizon, taking a collective deep breath, and enjoying the oranges and reds of the falling leaves.

Many thanks to you all, whose support makes our work at the Huss Project possible!

Deborah Haak

Deborah is a core community member of *culture is not optional and works at the Three Rivers Public Library.