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Programming principles

Justice & Economics

  • Welcome people of all faith commitments and backgrounds who wish to participate collaboratively in the good work happening at the school.
  • Cultivate and practice an anti-racist identity, both in interpersonal relationships and organizing structures.
  • Create a social and physical environment that demonstrates care for all people, regardless of physical and mental ability, age, gender, sexuality, religion, race and economic status.
  • Always be attentive to making choices that demonstrate care for the earth, for example, reusables rather than disposables and human power over fossil fuel power.
  • Privilege beauty to the same degree as function.
  • Support local businesses and trades people with supply and labor needs.

Relationships & Partnerships

  • Embody hospitality that allows people to both be who they are and to change.
  • Partner with neighborhood leadership and existing organizations whenever possible.
  • Always demonstrate the highest respect and kindness to the school’s neighbors.
  • Foster collaborative vision and investment in leadership, even when it means taking longer to get something done.
  • Facilitate learning through doing.
  • Blur the lines between teachers and learners.
  • Foster intergenerational work, learning and play.

Conflict & Communication

  • Apologize soon and clearly when a wrong has been committed; forgive readily and fully when an apology is offered.  Seek third-party help when necessary to resolve a conflict.
  • Be self-aware, acknowledging your own flaws and weaknesses.
  • Encourage and compliment others often.
  • Listen before speaking.  Communicate as clearly as you can and strive to acknowledge different communication styles.
  • Always be open to change and to trying something someone else’s way.  Choose being kind over being right.