Community Fun Night kick-off hits the ground running

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Tess De Jong

Community fun night kick-off hits the ground running

The first Community Fun Night of the summer exceeded expectations as it quickly became our biggest opening night yet! There were fresh cookies baked for the evening which were accompanied by watermelon, pretzels, and juice. A board game table was set up for those eager for some friendly competition, while others worked together to complete several jigsaw puzzles. The craft of the night combined using clothespins and art supplies to create 3-D animals; the inner artistic talent of many children found its way out. In the garden, volunteers worked together to weed and harvest in preparation for our weekly Farmers Market table. Lastly, there was a steady game of kickball going the whole time—boys versus girls of course—which was a blast for all involved. Music helped set the mood for a lighthearted time of fellowship, and there were chairs for those who simply wanted to relax and enjoy the evening. Our time ended up getting cut short by a thunderstorm that came rolling in, but we believe this just left everyone wanting more!

Lucky for us, the second community fun night is TONIGHT, and we warmly welcome everybody to come out and join us. We’ll be at Huss School from 6:00-8:00pm. We’ll bring the kickballs and extra cookies. You bring yourselves! (And all your neighbors, friends, or great-aunts.) See you tonight at 6:00!