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Announcing our 2015 Summer Storytelling Series!

2015 storytelling

2015 storytelling

What do Outsiders, Magic, Showdowns, and Turning Points have in common? These are the themes for our series of 2015 storytelling nights! Need more?

Have you ever felt like your were on the outside looking in? Have you ever known anyone who didn’t seem to belong? That’s our kickoff theme for the first storytelling night. Stories of the other, either yourself or someone else who never seemed to fit the mold. Have a story about an alien? This is the place. June 12 is our kickoff for our Summer Storytelling Series.

Magic. Yes, magic! Harry Potter. Gandalf. Seifreid and Roy. These are names synonymous with the word magic, and we want to hear your stories. Tell us a story about something unexplained or magical in your life, something mysterious and weird. Angels and demons are welcome here. Cast your spell on July 12.

“If you wanna be old school about it — and you know I’m all about old school — then we can wait till dawn, and slice each other up at sunrise, like a couple real-life, honest-to-goodness samurais.” This theme is all about one on one encounters.  Showdowns, those moments when you or someone you know went head to head with someone else, until only one of you was left standing (preferably in a non-violent manner!). Describe your duel on August 7.

The Turning Point. When was that moment where everything changed for you? The big catalyst that changed everything in your life? Your moment of metamorphosis? Tell us when your big change happened, and we’ll surprise you with one of our own! Find out our big reveal on September 18.

Come join us this summer at The Huss Project for storytelling, the sharing of food, and friendship.