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Alek & Deborah

Friends of Huss: Alek and Deborah

During this giving season, we’ve asked donors why they have chosen to become a Friend of Huss! Alek and Deborah Haak-Frost, long-term community members of *culture is not optional, provided a few of their thoughts: Alek: “I believe in the cause. I believe community building can solve a variety of issues. While nationally, divisiveness and…

1920s Huss School

Huss alumni story: Mary Recher

Mary Recher attended Huss starting in Kindergarten in 1935 and stayed there until 7th grade when she went to junior high. Below are memories she shared with Elizabeth, a former intern at the Huss Project. Thank you Mary for letting us share your wonderful memories of Huss! If you or someone you know would like…

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Become a Friend of Huss by making a donation of $10 per month or more. We’ll send you cool stuff as a thank you! We’re hoping to have 100 Friends by the end of 2019 to celebrate the Huss building centennial.

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