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Future Fest 2018: Rummage!

Annual rummage sale needs donations + volunteers!

Each year, Huss Future Festival draws over 1,000 people for all sorts of fabulous fun, and the rummage sale is one of the biggest draws. The sale keeps good stuff out of the landfill, helps us get our families ready for school, and raises money to support community-building activities at Huss Project…win, win, win! To…

Three Rivers Area Community Foundation

Community Foundation awards $20,000 to Imaginarium project

The Three Rivers Area Community Foundation recently awarded *culture is not optional, the Huss Project’s parent organization, a $20,000 grant for the Imaginarium to be made in two $10,000 payments. We are honored to receive the support from the Foundation, which continues to show community support for our work at Huss. The Imaginarium and Front…

45 Ideas: Mateo Mosher

Imaginarium ideas, day 45: Mateo

We asked friends, neighbors, and community partners to give us their ideas for the brand-new Imaginarium once it’s completed. Here’s what Mateo Mosher said: Where in Three Rivers is someone likely to spot you, and what would you be doing there? Either at a park playing with my brothers or at school. What is your connection…

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Jul 27

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July 27 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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