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All public events at Huss are cancelled until further notice

Dear friends, As you can imagine, we’ve been spending a lot of time researching coronavirus trends and practices, and discerning how to apply that learning responsibly to *culture is not optional (our parent organization) activities. The pattern we’ve seen in several other countries is a rapid spike in the number of cases of a virus…

*cino community

Three opportunities to work with us at the Huss Project

The past year has been a time of incredible growth for *culture is not optional, our parent organization, and we are thrilled to be recruiting folks to join us in our work here in Three Rivers, with three different levels of commitment. Whether for ten weeks this coming summer or for an open-ended period of…

Films for our Future

The importance of watching hard films in community

Starting March 19, we’ll be showing a series of seven films about environmental issues leading up to Earth Day. Chemicals, fracking, plastic, impending climate doom—why in the world would you want to participate in this film festival, must less pay money just to feel depressed and overwhelmed? Good question! We’re glad you asked. Think for…

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