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The importance of watching hard films in community

Films for our Future

Films for our Future

Starting March 19, we’ll be showing a series of seven films about environmental issues leading up to Earth Day. Chemicals, fracking, plastic, impending climate doom—why in the world would you want to participate in this film festival, must less pay money just to feel depressed and overwhelmed?

Good question! We’re glad you asked.

Think for a moment about the home where you live. Is there a corner or a drawer or a closet or a garage that you ignore because it desperately needs your attention and you never have time or energy to do anything about it? There it sits, mocking your inability to be super-human and solve all of your own problems, not to mention the problems of the world.

Now think about a time you tackled a mess or an issue that had been bothering you, and how good it felt to make even a small amount of progress. That’s exactly the feeling we’re hoping for with this festival, and even better, we’re hoping to make it a fun, community-building experience!

Not only will we have free popcorn and lemonade at the Huss Project showings, but we’ll have a short discussion after each film with a Community Commitment Board where we will collect all of the many things we’re each committed to STOP, START, and CONTINUE doing to address the climate issues at hand. By the time we celebrate the closing night of the festival on April 23, we expect to have a beautiful, diverse picture of all of the things each of us is doing, on our own and with our neighbors, to love the earth and each other.

Friends, these are not films we should be watching alone. So please bring your heart, voice, and hands to this important community film series—we need all the collaborators we can get if we’re going to turn a corner toward planetary health and flourishing!

Films for our Future at a Glance…