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Hussagram: Potting up tomatoes

Transplanting tomato seedlings from starter trays to larger cells to prepare them for this year’s Project Farm crop. Thank you to our friends for helping out on Easter weekend!

Huss plan (draft)

Design process continues for Huss property

Here is a draft of our new site plan for Huss (read below the image for more information): When we first purchased the Huss School property in Three Rivers, we had a lot of ideas, but no specific plan. That was intentional. We knew that if we were going to help create something that contributes…

Summer 2016 at the Huss Project in review

Summer 2016 at the Huss Project in review

Another summer is in the books at the Huss Project! As we start to wind down for the fall and winter, we’re grateful for a fun and successful few months of programs, gardening, fundraising, and more. Interns and volunteers A big thank you to the folks who contributed their gifts and abilities to our work…

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Upcoming events

Jul 22

Huss Future Festival 2017!

July 22 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm