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Beauty in the details: the whimsical spiral staircase

Today’s Huss highlight features the beautiful spiral staircase that drapes down from the second floor to the first floor in the Imaginarium. This design feature adds an element of whimsy to the space while also accomplishing the very pragmatic feat of connecting the two levels. The idea was inspired, in part, by the library in Beauty and the Beast (and many other, real-life libraries), where floor-to-ceiling bookshelves connected by spiral staircases invite awe and wonder. Though our style is less ornate than those rooms, the desired effect is still felt when people enter the Imaginarium.

The stair was fabricated by Paul Eichorn at Custom Ironcraft and weighs over 500 pounds! It possesses a wide tread, making it more comfortable for folks who aren’t too fond of spiral staircases. Because of its size, we knew the only way we could get it into the room was to maneuver the staircase, screwdriver fashion, through one of the large windows of the Imaginarium with the help of 16—yes 16—volunteers. See the video below to see the staircase installation from start to finish!

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