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Hussagram: Supper Club behind-the-scenes


It is true that the members of the *culture is not optional community love food. We meet together and eat food on a regular basis, particularly our Friday night community dinners. We all have our specialties, so we usually make dishes that play off those specialties.

For a Supper Club it’s a bit different, because many of the dishes we prepare are new recipes we’ve never tried before. In order to feel comfortable serving 40 people a meal made with new recipes, we test them out at least a week prior to the night of the Supper Club (many times more than once). This way we can gain some experience and tweak our process so the food on your plate is the best we can offer.

But that’s not where it starts; first we pick a theme. Then, of course, we have to find recipes that fit that theme, find a location, decorate accordingly, and make an enormous shopping list. ¬†This is not to say that we’re all doing something completely unfamiliar; we each use our skills and fill roles we’re good at.

It’s been eight months and six Supper Clubs since *cino started doing these fundraisers — each time learning from each event — and by now we’ve got this process down to a science. We sure love preparing food for the people in our community and we’re so happy everyone keeps coming back!

Again, please let us know if you’d like to be added to our invitation list for future Underground Supper Clubs.