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A Supper Club on the river

Underground Supper Club 6

Underground Supper Club 6

This past Saturday evening, folks of Three Rivers and beyond gathered in a house downtown that is literally a short stone’s throw from the Portage River (you can chuck ice out the window into the flowing water) for an autumnal Supper Club to try and beat the upcoming winter doldrums and to help out the Huss Project. The atmosphere was enchanting, the evening was chilly, and you could practically feel the waves of happiness floating throughout that charming house.

But what’s really important here was what was on the menu!

We began the evening with a kale salad, dressed and garnished with dried cherries, toasted pecans, and crumbled goat cheese. This was served with homemade pretzel rolls. The entrée consisted of a spice-rubbed, slow-roasted pork shoulder with a side of applesauce, accompanied by rosemary mashed potatoes topped with a savory mushroom stew. For dessert, we featured a delectable pumpkin tart drizzled with bourbon caramel sauce and served with a chai-coconut ice cream.

And all this was made from scratch with local ingredients from the many local farms and shops surrounding the Three Rivers Area. Not only did this meal scare away this winter’s doldrums, it might have scared away doldrums for the next few years. Everything was unbelievably delicious. The phrase, “I can’t believe we eat this well!” was heard over many a plate.

And while we’d love to simply serve people dinner and see their glowing faces, we organize these Supper Clubs as fundraisers to raise money for the Huss Project’s ongoing Brick Campaign. With the generous help of our dinner guests, we managed to raise over $1,700 for the Huss Project in one evening! We enjoy hosting Supper Clubs, people enjoy coming, and we raise money for a worthy cause.  What could be better than that?

If you’d like to be included on the invitation list for future Underground Supper Club events, please contact us and we’ll add you to our list.