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Rustic Italian Supper Club: A delicious and beautiful evening

Rustic Italian Supper Club

Rustic Italian Supper Club

On Saturday, September 21, as the sun sent its last orangey-red rays into the sky, attendees gathered at Maple Tree Meadows, eagerly anticipating the ‘Rustic Italian’ four-course meal and the lively conversation that awaited them at the fifth Underground Supper Club fundraiser for the Huss Project Brick Campaign.

Appetizers (antipasti) of fresh bruschetta and toasted bread, red onion frittata, and olives were enjoyed al fresco, complete with a set of bocce ball to play on the lawn. As the light waned, the rest of the courses were served inside a historic barn on the farm’s property, festively decorated for the occasion: the main course (primo) — polenta with a choice of Italian sausage marinara or roasted vegetable ragu — followed by a small course of beans with kale and Swiss chard (verdure), and finished off with dessert (dolce) of cappuccino gelato and almond biscotti.

We are grateful to Karla Kauffman, a good friend of *culture is not optional, who so generously offered her barn, kitchens, time and enthusiasm to this evening. We look forward to the good things to come as she continues to cultivate her farm into a place of community, peace and growth. And we are grateful, as always, to the wonderful supporters who make these dinners so exciting. Through their generous giving, we raised over $1,800! Thank you all for asking, “When is the next one?” We don’t have a date set yet, but contact us to be added to the invitation list for our Underground Supper Club events.

As an Italian meal is meant to be prepared with care and enjoyed course by course, we recognize that each step we make in our progress with the Huss Project is an important part of a larger journey. We find ourselves now at the antipasti, which we will relish even as we look forward to the courses to come!

Deborah Haak

Deborah is a core community member of *culture is not optional and works at the Three Rivers Public Library.