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Future Festival

For 10 years at the Huss Project we’ve been coming together to celebrate the beauty of food, art, and play in our neighborhood. Every July at Future Festival, we have a full day of live music, delicious food, kids activities, local art, the TRAFC Back to School celebration, and much more. As a fundraiser for the programs at Huss  we also have a huge rummage sale featuring eclectic clothes, books, household goods, and almost everything else you could imagine.

Through the generous support and volunteering from a community of churches, the Three Rivers Area Faith Community (TRAFC) provides free backpacks full of school supplies to all school-aged kids who come to Future Fest. Frankie’s Pizza also gives away a free piece of pizza with every backpack!

Another exciting part of the festival is the Community Carnival where local non-profits gather on the Huss lawn to share with our friends and neighbors about the variety of resources we have in our city and county, helping to create a stronger network of relationships to connect folks to needed resources.

On top of all of these activities, the crew of artists, farmers, creative minds, musicians, and eager helpers fill Huss with live music by local artists, hang the walls of Huss with original artwork, run a bustling farmers market, barbeque ribs for a tasty lunch, set up a one day woodshop, help kids create artwork with upcycled materials, and so much more. It’s a real party at Huss celebrating the creativity in our community!

Future Festival 2018 from *culture is not optional on Vimeo.

Huss Future Festival 2016 from *culture is not optional on Vimeo.