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11 bricks short of a flush: The Great Toilet Challenge of 2013



There are things in life that we take for granted. One of those things is the ability to flush away our wastes and never have to see them again. Right now, we are lacking that ability at the Huss Project. And so our first Herculean task after the mortgage payoff is to furnish Huss with working bathrooms!  This is certainly not the grandest of ambitions, but it’s an important one, and one that will go towards making the school … hole again (get it?).

The goal of The Great Toilet Challenge is to reach $55,200 before June 15 so that we can get a plumber in here to get us flushing!  You can track how close we’re getting to finishing the job by following our current brick count.

Things we can do with working bathrooms:

  • Flush toilets!
  • Have running water inside our building!
  • Save money during events by not having to rent portable toilets (which no one likes to use).
  • Move one step further towards having one room fully functional!
  • Be able to do dishes without standing outside in the rain!
  • Wash our hands!
  • Wash other things!
  • Drink water that isn’t bottled!
  • And last but not least: FLUSH TOILETS!

What do you say? Will you help us reach this illustrious goal? Will you help us see the reflections of our smiling faces in shiny new porcelain structures? Please buy a brick or make a donation in another amount today!