The deed is done: We’re keeping Huss!

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Rob Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Huss payoff

In June 2009, after an unbelievable $25,000-in-40-days fundraising campaign, *culture is not optional (*cino) purchased Huss School on land contract.  The contract stipulated a balloon payment of almost $50,000 in June 2013, after four years of monthly mortgage payments.  In December 2012, we launched a Brick Campaign to raise $100,000: $50,000 to pay the balloon payment and another $50,000 to renovate a functional room in the building.  Honestly, we weren’t really sure we’d be able to raise the money and, as recently as a month ago, were afraid that we might lose the building entirely.

But through the incredible support of wonderful people near and far, we met our first goal of the Brick Campaign!  As of today at 3:15pm, we signed the final papers and received the deed to the historic Huss School building in Three Rivers, Michigan.  Wow!