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Brick campaign

Brick count

We’ve met our first goal and paid off our mortgage!  Now on to the our next goal … toilets.

A community center for all ages, a community garden feeding our curiosity and our stomachs, a laboratory for college students passionate about service-learning, a space for programs that foster mentorship and imagination—the Huss Project property is bursting with potential for Three Rivers and beyond!

The Huss Project Brick Campaign invites you to help realize this potential with a gift toward our 2013 goals of raising $50,000 by June 15 and $100,000 by December 31.  We are setting out to sell 1,000 “bricks” at $100 each.  Supporters will be honored with the gift of a handmade print of Huss School.  An art installation at the Huss Project will eventually honor all supporters of the Brick Campaign, as well as Huss Project volunteers.

The creative, community-building work of the Huss Project has already begun in a vacant building with no functioning heat or plumbing.  Just imagine the possibilities as we invest generously in the project’s future!


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