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Friends of Huss: Alek and Deborah

Alek & Deborah

Alek & Deborah

During this giving season, we’ve asked donors why they have chosen to become a Friend of Huss! Alek and Deborah Haak-Frost, long-term community members of *culture is not optional, provided a few of their thoughts:

Alek: “I believe in the cause. I believe community building can solve a variety of issues. While nationally, divisiveness and vitriol seem to rule the day, the Huss Project strives to combat both right here at home. I stand by Huss because they stand by everyone.”

Deborah: “I have been a member of the *culture is not optional community since 2011, and I’ve seen the organization grow and change in phenomenal ways. This phase of the Huss Project is the next in what I hope to be a long chain of events that brings a new element of imagination to the Huss neighborhood and to the city of Three Rivers. Like the spiral staircase in the Imaginarium, each step leads to greater and greater things, and I’m excited to be on board!”

If you’ve joined us as a Friend, we’d love to hear your thoughts on why you’ve chosen to give. Thank you for your continued support.

Join us in this work exciting by becoming a Friend of Huss! With a monthly donation of $10 or more, our Friends are the foundation for a flourishing future for our creative, community-building efforts. Thank you for your partnership!

100 Years, 100 Friends