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Words from Friends: Molly and Rob

Future Festival Art Tent

Future Festival Art Tent

As we continue to build our community of supporters through our Friends of Huss campaign, we’ll be asking our Friends to share what excites them about the Huss Project. The first in our series is from Molly and Rob:

We find so many aspects of the Huss Project very exciting. Huss provides a place for community building, cultural education, and where food is grown and given to the surrounding families. These are just a few of the reasons that it is so special. We are deeply inspired by the devotion to restore the 100-year-old building and bring it back to a place of beauty and function. We are also heartened by how people have come together to help each other, share stories, and develop strong friendships that make the Three Rivers community a better place to live and work.

We hope our support will help the Huss Project continue to expand its outreach and sustain the programs and projects in process.

In gratitude for everyone’s work in these efforts,
Molly and Rob Lehman

Thank you, Molly and Rob, for your generous support as well as your own example of dreaming and community-building that inspires us to imagine big and work hard together toward a life-giving vision!

Please accept our invitation to join us in this work by becoming a Friend of Huss! With a monthly donation of $10 or more (or a yearly lump sum), our Friends are the foundation for a flourishing future for our creative, community-building efforts. Thank you for your partnership!

100 Years, 100 Friends