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If you believe in the power of creativity, become a Friend of Huss!

Do you enjoy putting your heart, head and hands into creative endeavors? If so, the Huss Project is a great place to get involved! From cooking, to visual art-making, to bike tune-ups, to composting, we’re seeking new and renewed ways of living creatively here in Three Rivers. As we explore our imaginative capacities together, we’re also attending to the vulnerability it takes to create, share, fail, and create all over again in community.

For over ten years, we have facilitated art tents, community artwork, wood work, and more at our annual Huss Future Festival. Every year, we find ourselves overwhelmed with the spirit of talent, collaboration and learning that results from this festival of fun!

Along with Future Festival, we have hosted several events throughout the year including photography workshops, writing workshops, family fun nights and more!  Malachi Carter, a professional photographer from Indianapolis, has taught seven workshops over the years with young photographers in the neighborhood, helping them build upon their creative talents. Poets Great Dane and Aundrea Sayrie have also taught on the craft of writing, poetry and love for words to young writers at the Huss Project. To learn more about these artists’ work, follow them online and support their work!

We hope through your contribution and partnership as a Friend of Huss to expand our art programming where classes and workshops can take place year-round. If you get excited about the power of creativity in community, consider becoming a Friend of Huss!


Great Dane: #EverythingForTheGood

Aundrea Sayrie:

Please accept our invitation to join us in this work by becoming a Friend of Huss! With a monthly donation of $10 or more, our Friends are the foundation for a flourishing future for our creative, community-building efforts. Thank you for your partnership!

100 Years, 100 Friends