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Discussing stories of inheritance and legacy

A few weeks ago, we celebrated a storytelling night along the theme of “Inheritance” and “Legacy” in the newly renovated Imaginarium.  Along with tasty food and drink, we shared how these words have resonated in our personal, civic and imaginative lives. Emily Ulmer, our host, asked on the event page: “What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What wisdom, traditions or quirks have you inherited from your ancestors? Is there a familial legacy you are hoping to outrun? What do you claim as a birthright?”

Out of our stories, we found that “inheritance” and “legacy” can come in a many forms: a gift given, a responsibility carried, or a grief passed down. In the presence of environmental catastrophes that affect the trees, within the embrace of this new space at Huss, and upon reflection of childhood chickens, we shared how the histories of ourselves may inform the futurity of life on this planet and with each other.

Our next storytelling night is on Friday October 18 along with a potluck at the Huss Project. Looking forward to seeing you there!