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Huss Future Festival Preview: Art Tent

As always, the art tent and hands on activities at Future Fest is a bit of controlled chaos, and that is where so much creativity is born!  Tables covered in up-cycled materials, paint brushes, and stacks of colorful paper are the buffet we have prepared for the imaginative minds coming to celebrate with us. Amid the colorful bounty sprawling across the art table, Anna will be giving expert origami lessons and Miles will be providing screen printing skills (both of which are new features this year). Next door to the art tent, Construction Junction will be back for another year of turning scrap wood into whimsical 3D creations from bird houses to abstract sculptures with the guidance of local woodworkers and seasoned carpenters. With a paint brush, a pair of scissors, or a hammer in your hand, there is endless possibilities of what you’ll be able to create, and we can’t wait to see all the fantastical treasures you’ll make this year at Future Fest.