Music and art: Join in on the creativity at Future Fest!

Annelie Haberman

Music and art: Join in on the creativity at Future Fest!

Savoring for a taste of soulful creativity this summer? At the Huss Future Fest, we’ll be enjoying the summer sunshine with a community of creative folks who are bringing their musical rhythms and colorful masterpieces to join in celebrating our imaginative and playful spirit together.

Come share in the singing and music making with our talented local musicians. We’ll be starting off the day with lively brass and wrapping up with some good ole Americana strumming, and we’ll clap, stomp, and sing along all the day through with good summer vibes of all kinds. Check out the full lineup for more information.

Along with the musical artistry, we’ll also be featuring the rich and diverse work of local artists whose craft with color, texture, form, and light brings together their thoughtful work into delightful pieces of art for our community to enjoy.

But the art doesn’t stop there. Future Fest is a day for you to be the artist too. Over at the Art Tent we’ll have all our bins and boxes full of the raw material just waiting for your hands to go to work with your own imagination. Come join us as we create together making some summer bling out of festive fabric, learning how to make ornate origami, creating creepy crawlies, or just going to town with some good ole paint and cardboard to make your own masterpiece.

Wherever your creativity lies, Future Fest has a slice of it for you to enjoy this summer.