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Community Fun Night finale!



The sounds of play have filled the Huss Project each Wednesday night this summer. Shouts of excitement and sometimes frustration have mingled with the sounds of balls flying through the air, paper rustling for the craft of the night, and crackers crunching between kids’ hungry teeth.

Now we invite you all to come share in this fun one last time before it is over! This Wednesday, August 6th is our last Community Fun Night of this summer and we are more excited than ever about the culture that has sprung up around this weekly happening. We have routinely had more than 40 participants sharing in this fun with us, and with their help have created a short set of guidelines that shape we want to shape the atmosphere of these evenings. A sign leaning against the building proclaims the tenants the kids felt were essential to ensuring that everyone has fun: 1. Be Kind, 2. Be Fair, 3. Be Respectful.

With this culture growing and expanding, we want to end this season on a high note and so we are thrilled to offer some glimpses of our plans for the upcoming finale. In addition to the usual revelry, you can expect a celebratory cake, some exuberant dancing, and rumors are circling that a piñata may make an appearance. We extend a warm invitation to any and all who might be able to make it to come and join us at the Huss Project as we engage in art, food, and play!