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That’s a wrap: Future Festival 2014!

5 song dance party

5 song dance party

So it happened again. On July 19th, a myriad of people from Three Rivers and beyond hiked to the Huss Project for a celebration of food, art, and play. The day went wonderfully. The weather was bright, the air was filled with the beat of “Everything is Awesome,” and the people came in droves. Droves of over 600 that is. Yes, that’s right, over 600 people visited Huss last Saturday in order to grab a backpack, get their face painted, eat a cookie, or visit one of the many other activities, vendors, and performances that took place at Future Festival 2014.

Some crowd favorites included the Construction Junction station where kids squealed with glee as they got to choose, arrange, and hammer woodworking creations straight from their imaginations (all under supervision, of course). Some kids even brought their masterpieces back the following Wednesday to Community Fun Night to paint what they had made. Another favorite was the balloon and dart art piece, in which anyone got to be a contributing artist by throwing darts at paint-filled balloons. Of course, *cino’s team-up with Three Rivers Area Faith Communities (TRAFC) was a big hit with over 300 backpacks distributed to children heading back to school. To top it all off, the evening ended with a rocking five song dance party.

We also raised money through our rummage sale, Farmers Market, and bake sale — a grand total of (insert drum-roll here) … $1,800! The money will help the Huss Project in its vision and endeavors to contribute to the community of Three Rivers through art, food, and play. We at the Huss Project team cannot thank you all enough for your contributions, willing hands, and kind prayers that helped make this years Huss Future Festival happen. This event was truly a community coming together to celebrate the creativity of our amazing neighbors. Thank you.

For more photos of the event (including our Photo Booth pictures), visit our Huss Future Festival 2014 album on Flickr.