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Many tasks accomplished at garden work day

2013 garden work day

2013 garden work day

This past Saturday, volunteers for Triple Ripple Community Garden at the Huss Project gathered to work together on some much needed projects. We had seven volunteers come out, enabling us to accomplish a wonderful amount of work in less time than we bargained for. What did we get done?

  • We staked and caged all the tomato plants.
  • We put up a rabbit-repelling fence around the salad greens patch (protecting such delectable goodies like Swiss chard, arugula and lettuce from their gnashing teeths).
  • We built trellises for both the tomato patch and the cucumber patch.
  • We mulched the cucumber patch with a clever mixture of newspaper and hay donated to us by one of our most appreciated volunteers.
  • We weeded and weeded what couldn’t be mulched!
  • We even managed to harvest some delicious strawberries and spicy radishes (or were those turnips?).

All in all it was a greatly productive day, with good people and good work. The community garden has a wealth of tasks for intrepid helpers, so if you’re interested in getting involved, there are multiple ways to do so. You can contact us about volunteering on your own time and completing one of the many tasks set up on our wonderful volunteer board (we even have a citizen interest form you can fill out online).  Or you can come out to Family Fun Nights every Tuesday from 6:00-8:00 p.m. where some of us will work while others play, and vice versa! It’s a great way to build fellowship and to meet some of the most generous people in Three Rivers. Hope to see you there!