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If you believe everyone should have access to fresh vegetables, become a Friend of Huss!

At the Huss Project, we believe that our imaginative capacities are intricately linked to our physical needs as human beings, including having enough to eat. We also believe that the act of growing food is an act of hope, living into a future of abundance.

What started as a community garden in 2010 has grown into the Huss Project Farm, an urban farm project that grows food primarily for neighbors who lack access to fresh produce. We sell at the Three Rivers Farmers Market to help pay for supplies, but 80+% of our produce is distributed through agency partners in the city such as the United Community Assistance Program.

This year alone, we grew and distributed over 2,350 pounds of fruit and vegetables with the help of numerous community members and volunteers and distributed an additional 1,120 pounds of produce from farm partners such as Butternut Sustainable Farm, Full Circle Farm, Corey Lake Orchards, and Bair Lane Farm! We hope that through continued partnerships and long-term contributions we can create a farm manager position and a permanent greenhouse, which would significantly build our growing capacity.

If you believe everyone should have access to fresh vegetables, become a Friend of Huss today!

Please accept our invitation to join us in this work by becoming a Friend of Huss! With a monthly donation of $10 or more, our Friends are the foundation for a flourishing future for our creative, community-building efforts. Thank you for your partnership!

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