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Imaginarium ideas, day 43: Paula

45 Ideas: Paula Smith

45 Ideas: Paula Smith

We asked friends, neighbors, and community partners to give us their ideas for the brand-new Imaginarium once it’s completed. Here’s what Paula Smith said:

Where in Three Rivers is someone likely to spot you, and what would you be doing there?

At the Riviera Theater or Lowry’s Bookstore.


What is your connection to Huss?

I am an interested St. Joseph County resident!


The Huss Project is working on turning the old kindergarten room into a cool new space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and room for community events. What’s your most creative idea for something that could happen there?

  • During school vacations, host science/tech events using AIMS activities (hands-on science curriculum for grades K-8), and/or Science Olympiad events for grades K-12. These events could last 1-5 days.
  • Offer tech training to senior citizens taught by middle school/high school students:
    • How to use your cell phone
    • Social media tips
    • Computer skills
    • and more!

Deborah Haak

Deborah is a core community member of *culture is not optional and works at the Three Rivers Public Library.