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Quiet Park dedication…this Saturday!

Quiet Park dedication...this Saturday!

Quiet Park dedication...this Saturday!

One of the core ideas shaping the work of the Huss Project is that we all need a balance in our lives between stillness and activity. People describe this balance in various ways: contemplation and action, inner work and outer life, and so on.

At the Huss Project, we love to play, make music, grow vegetables, throw parties, tell stories, create art, work for justice in our community, and lots more. But in order to keep doing that work, we need to renew ourselves with practices that remind us to notice what’s around us, take a deep breath, and remember that the world is much bigger than ourselves and our particular experiences.

The new Quiet Park at the Huss Project is a place where we and our neighbors can find this sense of stillness, right in the middle of our neighborhood. If you’ve ever been at the Huss Project in the early morning or at the peak of a summer day, you know the abundance of birds and butterflies and plants and all kinds of living things that thrive there, even when we humans aren’t looking. With a path and four sit-spots amid trees and a small meadow, the Quiet Park beckons us to sit a while, to listen, to notice, to take a deep breath, to be reminded of the life that moves around and within us, even in the middle of our busy lives.

Please join us for a ribbon cutting, with an original poem written for the occasion, this coming Saturday, July 21 around 10:45 a.m. (depending on the music schedule for Future Fest). We’ll hope to be out at the park for the dedication, rain or shine, so bring an umbrella just in case!

Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Kirstin is a member of the *culture is not optional core community and is the Head Caretaker at GilChrist Retreat Center.