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Tasty options at Future Fest Farmers’ Market and vendors

Delicious options at Future Fest Farmers' Market and food vendors

Delicious options at Future Fest Farmers' Market and food vendors

What does it look like to do your grocery shopping at a Farmers’ Market? It looks like free blueberry samples, and huge baskets of fresh-picked corn. It looks like picking out the very best tomatoes, the ones you want to be at the peak of ripeness for your salad on Tuesday, or your spaghetti sauce on Thursday, or your sandwich a week after that. It looks like changing your mind about kohlrabi (it looks like learning what kohlrabi even is!). It looks like a chance to ask the farmers what they’d recommend to keep potato bugs off potatoes, the right time to plant garlic, or the best way to cure onions. It looks like getting to know what’s in season, what vegetables grow in your area, and which ones the farmers have to coax into growing, with hoophouses, fabric mulch, or sheer cussedness. It looks like limiting your options, but expanding your palate (have you ever noticed how much better fresh potatoes or carrots taste?).

At the Farmers’ Market at Future Fest, it also looks like lunch! This year we’re reprising our tasty kale-quinoa salad, fresh veggies and garlicky hummus, and we are adding a dip which has been described (by myself) as “a garlic cloud.” If you’ve never had Lebanese toum before, you are in for a treat at the Farmers’ Market tent on July 22—stop by and find out what all the hype is about!

In addition to lunch at the Farmers’ Market, this year Future Fest is hosting the Weenie King, who will be serving up scrumptious hot dogs. Also, our special thanks goes to Frankie’s, who have graciously donated free pizzas for every kid who comes to pick up a school backpack at the Three Rivers Area Faith Community (TRAFC) Back to School Celebration.

So come on out to Huss on Saturday, no matter what type of food you’re familiar with—you’re guaranteed to find something new and delicious!