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Future Festival Preview: Rummage Sale

Future Festival Preview: Rummage Sale

Come one, come all to the Huss Future Festival rummage sale! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something specific or just coming to see what deals there are—we have treasures for everyone!

Our rummage sale has an entire room dedicated to men’s, women’s, children’s, and babies’ clothes. Want jeans with eagles on the ankles? we have them! Or perhaps, you’d like a striking mint-colored dress from Express…we have one of those too! Onesies, ties, work pants—they’re all here.

Perhaps you want to furnish more than just your closet—with a walk down our housewares hallway you can find just what you need. Bunt pans, vases, rugs, oh my! It doesn’t matter if you need a ceramic fruit or a computer desk—we have them! As for furniture, come check out our eclectic selection of footstools, wicker chair sets, cribs, and more!

Our book and media room has both classics and new favorites alike. Whether you want to read the journals of Mother Theresa or Harry Potter in Hogwarts, we have a book for you! Come find posters of anime characters, maps of the world, and look through our selection of CDs and movies!

You can find it all at the 7th annual Huss Future Festival, starting tomorrow at 9am! Best luck treasure hunting!