Future Festival Preview: Food and Farmers Market

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Tess De Jong

Future Festival Preview: Food and Farmers Market

We have a running joke at *cino about the correct way to punctuate “Farmers Market.” Is it as I’ve just typed it, “Farmers Market,” a market full of farmers? Or is it “Farmers’ Market,” a market that belongs to the farmers? Or should we fully commit ourselves, insisting on the fussy “Farmers’s Market,” which somehow manages to evoke a more chaotic Farmers Market than one usually pictures?

Apostrophe or no, the Farmers Market at this year’s Huss Project Future Fest is bound to be chaotic in the best possible way. If you stop by on Saturday, July 23, you’ll be sure to find several tables overflowing with the bounty of our county. Tomatoes, freshly-cut salad mix, kale, green beans, a tottering tower of zucchini and cucumbers, all from several farms within a 15-mile radius of the school. We’ll also have several lunch options—we’re reprising our famously garlicky hummus from last year, as well as offering a kale-quinoa salad full of chopped veggies that will set your feet dancing—or maybe that’s just the live music!

In addition, there will be BBQ and snow-cones (brought to us by Ambassadors for Christ) and fresh veggies, hummus, and salad at the Farmers Market. Each child is also able to get a free slice of Frankie’s pizza with the backpacks from the Back-to-School Celebration! And of course, there will be a water station by the carnival, as it looks like it’s gonna be a hot one! Until then, stay hydrated, and we’ll see you in T-minus 45 hours.