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Summer starts: Free lunches and Community Fun Nights

Community Fun Night!

Community Fun Night!

The summer at Huss is off to a great start! The garden is flourishing, the kids are coming, and this past week marked the beginning of Huss’ hosting of summer lunches and the start of our Community Fun Nights.

Monday June 16 was our first hosting of the “Meet Up and Eat Up” summer free lunch distribution program. The first day saw a solid count of 11 children receiving free lunches, the second about 19 children, and the third 27 children showed up.  The count is rising steadily as word of the program spreads. For each drop-off day, children gather outside (or inside the Kindergarten Room in bad weather) until Pam — the “lunch lady,” as they like to call our drop-off volunteer — arrives. School-aged children from across the k-12 spectrum get to enjoy free, nutritious food and hang out with friends at the same time.

Our first Community Fun Night of the season began on June 18th with about 30 children showing up to eat snacks, do crafts, and play a very exciting game of kickball. Kids drew on our paper table murals responding to the question “what are you most excited for this summer?” with sports, food, sunshine, and “FUN!” being some of the most popular responses. Many parents were excited to have a place for their kids to play where reliable supervision was present, and many children said they would invite friends to the following Wednesday’s Fun Night. All in all everyone had a lot of fun and used up a lot of energy so that by the time the rain came we were all ready to curl up with a good book.

Come on out for Community Fun Nights every Wednesday night from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.