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Kennedy’s Kitchen at the Riviera Theatre

Kennedy's Kitchen at the Riv

Kennedy's Kitchen at the Riv

We filled up most of the Riviera Theatre in downtown Three Rivers this past Friday night for a fundraising event to help the Huss Project. There was dancing from the Celtic Fire Irish Stepdancers, appetizers from the *cino crew, and all the drinks you could handle from the fine folks of the Riviera. Oh, and of course there was music from the one and only Kennedy’s Kitchen!

To describe the lilting melodies and deft string-plucking of Kennedy’s Kitchen is a feat beyond a mere writer of words. There were times of foot-stomping and times of reflection, and one solo performance that summoned many a tear and made those of Irish descent in the crowd feel something stir in the blood.

In short, it was a lovely night with lovely music and lovely people. We raised money for the Huss Project, yes ($5,500.00, to be exact), but in reality this event was more than a fundraiser (see our photos from the evening). It was about bringing a mixture of folks from Grand Rapids to Three Rivers and beyond into one space to share in something beautiful. That’s our vision for the Huss Project after all, and though this particular event may have happened outside the bounds of our beloved old building, the spirit of those bricks is present in all the old buildings of Three Rivers, and certainly in its people. We were delighted to see the support of those people on Friday night.

Thank you all, and we’ll see you at the next grand event!