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Kennedy’s Kitchen to play for Huss

Kennedy's Kitchen

Kennedy's Kitchen

If you’ve never heard of Kennedy’s Kitchen, we here at *cino and the Huss Project are about to open your eyes because this is a band that will knock your socks off and then gently serenade them right back on. Two words: Irish music. Need I say more? Who doesn’t love the melodic magic of good Celtic music? Add  the Celtic Fire Irish Stepdancers to accompany them, and you have a night of grandeur straight out of Irish legend.

But what is it all for? It’s for The Huss Project of course! We’re still working toward our ambitious goal of occupying the old kindergarten room by the end of the year.  The beautifully-restored Riviera Theatre in downtown Three Rivers will be hosting the evening’s events on December 13. And thanks to a massively generous donation from a local Three Rivers citizen, we’ve been able to book the aforementioned Kennedy’s Kitchen and Celtic Irish Fire Stepdancers in said theater for what we hope will be an incredibly successful fundraising event.

So what can you expect when attending a magical night of Irish melody at the Riviera Theater?

  • Kennedy’s Kitchen of course!
  • Celtic Fire Irish Stepdancers — a dance troupe out of South Bend who regularly perform with Kennedy’s Kitchen, providing a visual counterpart to the Irish melodies of the band.
  • The full might of the Riviera Theater Bar, featuring a plethora of craft beers and specialty drinks, including  a few special drinks to commemorate the evening (order David’s Doom — you won’t be disappointed).
  • A host of appetizers made and served by the culinary wizards who inhabit *cino’s volunteer staff.

We also have a variety of ticketing options that we hope will entice some generosity from those who attend:

  • Limited income tickets: $10
  • General admission tickets: $15
  • Sustainer tickets: $50 (includes a Kennedy’s Kitchen CD and a reserved seat)
  • Brick tickets: $100 (includes a reserved seat, a CD and a brick to support the Huss Project)
  • Batman tickets: $1000 (includes personal bodyguard services for a week from the *cino staff)
  • Coach Taylor tickets: $2000 (includes a complimentary pump-up speech before every one of your high school football games, as well as some good common sense fathering advice)
  • Joss Whedon tickets: $5000 (includes a television show made in your honor that will change the way you think about pop culture)

Tickets can be purchased at the door, or through this website that I’m linking to in this sentence. Be sure to get your ticket early because this puppy is going to sell out.

So there you have it. Mark your calenders. Cancel any other plans. You’ve just been invited to the best night you will have all year, and you can feel darn good about yourself for supporting such a wicked-awesome project to boot. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!