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Hussagram: Giving back (and forth)

Karla's fundraiser

Karla's fundraiser

On Saturday, September 21, we gathered in the historic barn at Maple Tree Meadows for an Underground Supper Club to raise money for the Huss Project.  The *cino staff ran around the barnyard like chickens with their heads cut off cooking, serving, bussing and pouring drinks.  Our gracious host for the evening was Karla Kauffman, the visionary who’s been lovingly nursing the farm back from the brink.

Then, on Sunday, November 3, Karla gave us another amazing gift: she prepared a delicious lunch and invited all of the folks from Florence Church of the Brethren Mennonite to c’mon over and eat, giving donations as they were able toward the Huss Project and a service dog for a member of the congregation.  We gathered in Karla’s cozy, newly-renovated farmhouse kitchen, grateful for the opportunity to be guests, for the lovely conversations, for the overwhelming generosity being passed back and forth around the table like a bowl full of warm pear sauce.  The meal raised over $800, which was split between the Huss Project and Sarah’s service dog.  The Florence folks even pitched in extra dollars to take home leftovers!  The food was that delicious, and the diners that gracious.

Thank you to Karla and the wonderful Florence folks for your spirit of hospitality and abundance!  We are truly grateful for your witness of peace, inclusion, tradition and faith.