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Future Fest: The Music

Future Festival music

Future Festival music

What would a festival be without a day full of music? We can’t have one without it, and so we’ve lined up an entire day of live music to accompany your adventures, coin carnival-ing, and art buying, and we have some excellent performers ready to lull you into audio bliss. Check out the set list and get ready to rock.


  • 11am – Solomon and Luke – a Celtic acoustic duo.
  • Noon – Open Field Band – Featuring members of elle/the REMNANT from Fort Wayne, Open Field Band will serenade us with a mixture of folk and Celtic music.
  • 1pm – Nathan Moore & Friends – Nathan Moore is lead singer for Blues Shed, a blues band out of Kalamazoo, and will be performing some blues numbers with a few friends.
  • 2pm – Fox -“Riff-rock/blues-rock/whateverloudstuffwetrytoplay rock band” out of Kalamazoo.

As of now, the list is set, but there is always potential for a couple extra additions to the party. Either way, come out for some great music and good times at Future Fest this Saturday!