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Future Festival 2013: how you can help

Future Festival 2013

Future Festival 2013

Future Festival is coming on July 20 (so soon!), and we are always looking for volunteers to help out with the wonderful chaos that the festival can bring. There is plenty to do before the event, and plenty to do the day of, so if you’re looking to help out, we will welcome your willing hands. This year sees a return of events from past years and a few new additions as well. What can you expect?

  • Rummage sale
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Coffeehouse and Bake Sale
  • Local food vendors
  • Art installation
  • Art vendors
  • Crafts
  • A Coin Carnival
  • Workshops
  • Live music

That’s a bunch of great stuff packed into one joyous day, and we’re grateful and happy to ask for all the help we can get! Those interested in supporting the Huss Future Festival 2013 can participate by:

  • Donating items to the rummage sale
  • Donating baked goods to the bake sale
  • Donating extra garden produce to the farmer’s market
  • Reserving a vendor space for handmade art ($10 for a table for the whole day)
  • Creating a piece for the art installation exhibit
  • Volunteering on an open work day (Friday, July 5, 2pm-6pm and Saturday, July 13, 9am-1pm)
  • Volunteering on the day of the event
  • Attending in person and bringing friends
  • Can’t attend Future Fest but still want to help? Make a donation!

If you’ve attended Future Festival in the past or think it sounds fun and think you might be interested in helping out, please send us an email or call Julie Keefer at 269-823-3038. If you have anything to donate for the rummage sale, please get in touch online or call Jay Howard at 616-550-5645 — we can arrange pickup or delivery. And if you’re interested in planning the event, committee meetings are typically held on Wednesday nights at Huss (though times and dates can vary).

We hope to see you at Future Festival!