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Reason #11: Kids need safe, life-giving spaces

*cino needs YOU to vote each day in December to help us win a $50,000 grant to renovate the old kindergarten room at Huss School! Why vote? Read on…
Reason #11: Kids with unstable home lives need safe places to be encouraged, express their needs and build life-giving relationships with adults.
From spending time at the school over the past year and a half, we’ve noticed that kids are everywhere–riding their bikes, jumping on trampolines, swimming in kiddie pools, hanging out on the steps of the church. We’ve witnessed the presence of some very strong, stable families in the surrounding neighborhood. Some kids, however, seem to be experiencing instability beyond their control. For that matter, some adults are experiencing instability beyond their control. Over and over again, we were surprised at how willing kids are to trust and how resilient they are in the face of difficult circumstances. We want the school to be a safe haven where local children can find support and encouragement on a daily basis, as well as activities that challenge them to grow. We also hope to impress upon them that they have something to give, even in the midst of enormous need.