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Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant

Here’s our latest! Pepsi is giving away millions in grants each month to fund ideas nationwide which they are calling the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. Applicants can apply for grants in the amounts of $5,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $250,000 and winners of the money will be selected by a voting process among the first one thousand grants to get submitted once the site allows on the first of each month.
This opportunity seemed too good for *culture is not optional to pass up, so we have submitted a grant proposal for $50,000. If awarded the money, *cino will create a multi-purpose space inside the historic Huss School that will primarily be used for an all-ages arts venue featuring live music, film showings and other youth- and community-led events. The renovation will also provide an income stream through facility rental and a space to show hospitality to service groups who come to work at the school.
As you’ve been hearing with our Imagining Space projects and ideas, *cino has been in the process of renovating the entire 27,000 square foot school, but the building currently has no heat or running water and will require significant funding to complete. So to start, we’re focusing on one room. That room is a 1,600 sq. ft. space on the main floor with a separate exterior entrance and two bathrooms–the old kindergarten room. We plan to install new energy-efficient windows, new framed walls for insulation, a temporary heating system for the room, up-to-date water service, new electric wiring, stage lighting and sound equipment.
When this room is completed, it will be a big step toward a thriving community center that will empower young people and community members to imagine new possibilities for Three Rivers!
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