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Market Policies

The Huss Project Farmer’s Market fosters an inclusive and flourishing marketplace that connects neighbors with local growers, producers, and artisans to contribute to a sustainable local food system for all in our city.

The market takes place every Saturday from 9am-1pm from the first Saturday of June through the last Saturday of September at the Huss Project Pavilion at 1008 8th St. in Three Rivers.

On the Second Saturday of each month, we also host an Art Market at the same time as the Farmer’s Market with other special activities.

Vendor Details

One of the unique components of our market is that we require all participating vendors (except for art vendors) to sell their products at our market through our Huss Project Farmer’s Market checkout, a single point of sale for all products at the market. This checkout setup enables the market to more easily accept multiple forms of food assistance and credit cards for all participating and eligible vendors while providing excellent sales reports for all vendors and the market as a whole. Vendors are paid on a weekly or monthly basis per their request, minus their vendor fees (see below). Vendors will also receive monthly reports detailing their sales.

Another unique component of our market is that produce vendors have the option of staffing their own booth or having Huss Project staff sell their products for them. Cottage Food vendors must staff their own booth. See below for more information.

Second Saturday Art Market vendors are required to staff their own tables and handle their own transactions. Please see Art Market vendor fee information below.

All participating vendors are required to attend a yearly informational meeting that will be held at The Huss Project in May. 

Vendors agree to follow all Market Guidelines below, including our COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Submit your vendor application online now!

Vendor Fees

Our vendor fee (except art vendors) is a percentage of vendor sales, with two percentage tiers. These fees support administrative costs for the market, including marketing, personnel, and special event coordination.

Produce vendors can choose to person their own booth or drop off their produce for Huss Project staff to sell on their behalf (see procedures below). Vendors who drop off products to be sold by Huss Project staff agree to pay a vendor fee of 10% of their sales. Vendors who person their booth at the market every week agree to pay a vendor fee of 8% of their sales.

Cottage Food vendors must person their own booth to be in compliance with Cottage Food law. Cottage Food vendors at the market every week agree to pay a vendor fee of 8% of their sales.

Vendors who do not staff their own booth weekly will pay a vendor fee of 10% of their sales throughout the market season.

Our Second Saturday Art Market vendor fee is $10 per day. Art vendor payment is taken at the time of application and is nonrefundable. Please contact us directly if you are unable to pay this fee online.

Produce Vendors not Attending the Market

Vendors must contact the Market Managers by Fridays at 3pm with a general list of the items they plan to sell and a general drop off time. Goods can be delivered on Fridays between 3 and 5 pm or Saturdays between 7:45 and 8:15 am. 

Vendors can pick up their unsold products at 1:15pm on Saturdays. Any produce not picked up will be donated through the Huss Project food distribution or the Three Rivers Food Site.

Vendors selling non-perishable goods can make arrangements with the Market Managers to store goods at the Huss Project for the duration of the market season. The Market Managers will take responsibility for weekly inventory of these items and communication with the vendor in case of a needed re-stock. 

Vendors Attending the Market

Vendors must arrive on Saturday morning no later than 8:30 am. Vendors must have their tables set up and ready for customers by 9am. Vendors should plan to bring their own tables, signage, and display materials. Tent and/or pavilion space is likely to be available, but not guaranteed. 

Vendors are expected to attend the market each week. Up to two prearranged absences per season are acceptable. Partial season attendance is acceptable if communicated at the beginning of the season in the vendor application. Emergency cancellations must be communicated to the Market Managers as soon as possible. 

Art Vendors

Art Vendors must arrive on Saturday morning no later than 8:30 am. Vendors will be assigned a location to set up by the Market Managers. Vendors must have their tables set up and ready for customers by 9am. Vendors should plan to bring their own tent, tables, signage, and display materials.  Art vendors are set up in the shade, but may still want a tent in case of inclement weather.  Emergency cancellations must be communicated to the Market Managers as soon as possible. See below for art product guidelines.


Vendor Payment

Vendors (except art vendors) will be paid the full amount of their sales (minus vendor fees outlined above) either weekly or monthly depending on vendor request.

Product Guidelines

  • Items must be grown, produced, or processed within 100 miles of the market. Any exceptions must be approved by the Market Managers.
  • Vendors should sell items they produce. If a vendor sells additional products purchased from other Michigan or Northern Indiana producers, those items must be labeled with the producer name and city. Re-selling products from another producer can make up no more than 25% of a vendor’s products over the course of the season unless approved by the market managers.
  • Items produced under the Cottage Food Law may be sold at this market as long as proper labeling and food safety handling practices are followed. Cottage Food Vendors must be present at the market to sell these products.
  • Prepared food items from an establishment with a current food license that allows for off-site sales are welcome. 
  • Household and beauty items may be sold with approval from the Market Managers.
  • The Art Market is for local artists and craftspeople to sell their art and handcrafted items. Acceptable works include all media painting, photography, fibers, wood, jewelry, metals, wearable art, personal care products, etc. No kits, imports, or re-sale items are permitted.
  • Artisan products such as art and craftwork are not permitted at the Market other than at special art sales.
  • All products are subject to approval by the Market Managers

Sampling and Food Demonstrations

Sampling and food demonstrations are welcome at the market. Proper sanitation and food handling procedures (per the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) must be followed. 


It is expected that vendors offer their products for sale at a fair market price. Collusion and/or deceptive pricing will not be tolerated. 


The Huss Project Farmer’s Market will promote the event at minimum via social media, e-mail, and yard signs. Vendors are encouraged to promote the market to their networks. 

Market Set up

The Market Managers will make every effort to set up the market and display products in a way that is visible and appealing to customers and fair to all vendors. Concerns about market and product set up should be directed to the Market Managers. 

Market Cancellation

The market will be open rain or shine. The only exception will be in the case of a human-made or natural disaster, or extremely severe weather (i.e. tornado warning). The Market Managers will be responsible for making the decision to cancel the market and will notify the vendors as soon as possible. If the market is cancelled, vendors will not be allowed to sell their items at the Huss Project that day. 

Grievance Policy

The Market Managers have the right to deny or restrict any vendor or vendor representative’s access to the market for failure to follow the Huss Project Farmer’s Market rules. Problems, complaints or concerns must be directed immediately to the Market Managers. 

Food Assistance

The Huss Project Farmer’s Market accepts food assistance in the form of SNAP benefits, Double up Food Bucks, Senior Project Fresh, WIC Project Fresh, and Huss Project Fresh Food Cards. All vendors will participate in all programs (as applicable.) 

Community Education and Information Guests 

Guests may attend and set up a table or booth at the market for community education or information purposes at the discretion of the Market Managers. Guests will not be allowed to sell or promote the direct sale of any products at the market. Those who sell items are considered vendors and must apply as such and pay market fees. Guests cannot engage in partisan political activity. Guests must request needed equipment (tables, chairs, electrical access) prior to their arrival at the market.


Market Guidelines



The Huss Project Farmer’s Market follows the Huss Project COVID-19 Guidelines, which are based on current COVID-19 risk levels for St. Joseph County. 


Market customers must follow all parking signage. Some Satrudays, our entire parking lot is open to market customers, while on other Saturdays, certain sections are closed for use by other events such as the Fresh Food Initiative on the third Saturday of each month. 


Restrooms are available in the lower level of the Imaginarium on the north end of the Huss building. 

Farm and Grounds

The Huss Project Farm and grounds are open for visitors during market hours. Children’s programming will take place on the Farm during the Market. Visitors are asked to:

  • Refrain from harvesting anything without permission from the Farm Managers
  • Walk only on the grass or wood chipped paths
  • Refrain from littering
  • Do not enter the shop or yellow utility shed
  • Use caution when nearing the chicken enclosure or bee hives


Leashed, well-behaved dogs are welcome at the market and on the farm. Please clean up after your dog. If your dog is disrupting the market or other customers, you may be asked to leave. 

Building Use

Other than the Imaginarium, the rest of the Huss School building is not open to the public except in the case of a special event. To request a tour of the building, please contact the Market Managers.

Picnic Tables and Eating on Site

Market customers are welcome to linger on site or eat at picnic tables. All trash must be disposed of in proper receptacles.