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Eater’s Almanac: Local eating after market season

Food Guide

Eater’s Almanac is our weekly newsletter for the Huss Project Farmer’s Market. You can receive a print copy each week at the market, which includes a recipe for seasonal vegetables!

Well, friends, the Huss Farmers Market season has come to a close. Over the past 12 weeks, our crew of staff and volunteers has thoroughly enjoyed tending the farm, working with new vendors, meeting neighbors, playing with kids, and hosting a fun outlet in Second Ward for fresh produce and more. We’ll miss you all, and we also look forward to a season of rest, finishing projects, and planning for next year’s busy season.

Just because our market is ending doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy locally-produced, seasonal foods.

  • Check out World Fare’s selection of local, fair trade, and organic foods right in downtown Three Rivers. Some local items are in stock all year round, llike honey, maple syrup, milk, ice cream, eggs, pork, and fish. A selection of additional foods from around the U.S. and the world rounds out World Fare’s “conscious convenience” offerings. You can pay or volunteer to join the buyers club and enjoy 15% off everything in the store, as well as discounts on thousands of special order items. All forms of food assistance are accepted and automatically come with the 15% off discount.
  • Visit other regional farmers markets. Farmers markets in Mendon, Sturgis, Colon, and Texas Township run into October. The Kalamazoo market runs into November and the Goshen market is open year-round!
  • Support local farm stands. Many of these businesses are open through October or later. Check out Corey Lake Orchards in Three Rivers and Byler’s Farm Market in Sturgis.
  • Look into a CSA share for next year. Local farms offering subscription shares include Bair Lane, Full Circle, Green Light, Stephenson, White Yarrow, and Wiley.
  • Invest in a food for storage or preservation. There’s still time to make applesauce or stock up on items like onions, potatoes, and winter squash for storage. Think about your upcoming holiday feasts and invest in a few things that will keep until then for a fantastic celebration!

We wish each and every one of you a dinner table laden with companionship, gratitude, and joy. Until next year!

Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Kirstin is a member of the *culture is not optional core community and is the Head Caretaker at GilChrist Retreat Center.