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TRIPLE your donation to the Huss Project!


We started a fundraiser last week to raise $5,000 that would then be matched by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). We just received word from the Fibre Converters Foundation: they will provide an additional $5,000 match if we meet our goal! This means your donation will be tripled to help support our work.

We’ve already raised $3,300. We only have $1,700 more to raise to receive an additional $10,000. Every gift of any amount helps!


Our work for the flourishing of all in our community has taken many forms over the years at the Huss Project: festivals, storytelling nights, workshops, and more.

We imagine a world in which EVERYONE has not only what they need, but enough to share. That goes not just for food, clothing, and shelter, but for safety, friendship, opportunity, and imagination as well. And we’re willing to work hard to help make that world a reality.

You can join us in that work right now with a donation that will be matched twice.

In this moment of global pandemic, our community is shifting our energy from public events to fresh food production and access. We launched a new weekly farmers market on Saturdays where we’re combining a safe access point to nutritious food with our characteristic joy, hospitality, and creativity.

This pivot means we have to re-imagine our funding this year. We are grateful to be positioned to respond to the needs of our community, but we need your help to sustain the work. Now through June 26, we’re hoping to raise $5,000 that will be matched through a program designed specifically to support the operating expenses of Michigan non-profits and businesses during this time of economic instability. And a generous donor has also offered an additional $5,000 match, effectively tripling your donation. If you have the means, we’d be grateful if you’d consider a contribution. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated, as is simply sharing and spreading the word.

However you choose to give during this extraordinary time, thank you for investing in the care and safety of our most vulnerable neighbors. We need each other all the time, and now more than ever.