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With grateful hearts, we gladly announce …

Giant Step Campaign

Giant Step Campaign

We can’t believe we’re writing this note to you 17 days ahead of our Giant Step Campaign December 15 deadline, but here it is: WE MET OUR $50,000 FUNDRAISING GOAL!

This means the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will match our efforts with an additional $50,000, putting us on track to realize the bigger, better version of the Imaginarium that we’ve been hoping is possible.

And it’s all thanks to you! We are simply overwhelmed with the generosity of our community in support of the vision for the new Imaginarium at the Huss Project, and we can’t wait to share the real thing with you next summer. Please mark your calendar for the tenth annual Huss Future Fest on July 27, 2019 and come celebrate with us in person!

Now as you can imagine, meeting this hugely significant goal is really just the beginning. You’ve helped us gather what we need to begin the journey, but we’re going to need your help along the way.

  • Volunteer: To keep our project costs low, we’ll need friends with skills like carpentry, tiling, and painting to pitch in next year. Please get in touch if you’re interested!
  • Make a special donation toward the Imaginarium: We’re still gathering donations toward the Imaginarium to fund additional, unique features to the space. While we’ve met our matching goal, your gifts toward the Imaginarium are still very important as we work to put all of the pieces together in a way that will amaze and inspire our community next summer!
  • Set up a monthly donation: The Imaginarium is just part of our programming through the Huss Project and *culture is not optional. Monthly donations of all sizes help us sustain all of our work, including our urban farm, community house, and special events.
  • Hold our community in your heart: Over the next several months, we are prepared to experience surprises (good and bad), demanding labor, tough decisions, intricate problem-solving, further resource gathering, and more, all fueled by the hope of our vision for a flourishing community. Whether you pray or otherwise, please join us in our desire for camaraderie, safety, joy, and open doors when the way seems shut.

Thank you, thank you for sticking with us on this ridiculously hopeful journey, friends. We sincerely hope the spirit of abundance will visit you wherever you are as we head into the holiday season and the next phase of building the Imaginarium together!

With grateful hearts,
The *cino community