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Future Festival Preview: Bake sale and coffee house

Future Festival Preview: Bake Sale and Coffeehouse

Future Festival Preview: Bake Sale and Coffeehouse

When you attend the 7th Annual Huss Future Festival, you’re going to need energy. How will you get through a day filled with games, dancing, obstacle courses, art galleries, rummaging, and a pop-up farmer’s markets without a little bit of delicious food and drink to keep that pep in your step?

It’s hard work looking through clothes in the rummage sale, so why not make sure you’re prepped by topping up with a nice home-made scone or cookie? You need to be hydrated to sing along with the incredible array of local bands, so why not make sure you’re sipping on some lemonade or ice tea? And when those 2 o’clock strugs start to creep in, revitalize yourself with a specialty coffee from Speaking Stones Cafe, which has been magically transported inside of Huss School. You don’t want a sleepy face in your photo-booth pictures, so make sure you have a smile for the ages by first nibbling on some berry cobbler!

Whatever your sweet, savory, or beverage of choice is, make sure and stop by the Future Festival Bake Sale and Coffee Shop on Saturday, July 23rd!