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Summer’s first Community Fun Extravaganza lives up to its name

Low five!

Low five!

On the cool and breezy Wednesday evening of June 24, a crowd of about 50 neighbors and Huss Project enthusiasts gathered on 8th Street. It was Huss’ first Community Fun Extravaganza of the summer and we were ready for fun! 

Throughout the many different activities that happened — including crafting, playing sports on the back field, puzzling, gardening in our ever-growing garden, and tasting delicious snacks — we all thoroughly enjoyed the company of our neighbors. The craft station offered an activity where kids (and adults who were bold enough to join in the fun) could make plastic designs on a platform and then have them melted together by a Huss staffer using an iron. The creativity was fantastic!

On the back field, an epic game of kickball broke out. Between the hard kicks, the base running, and the constant chasing down of the kickball, we found ourselves laughing and having great fun! Everyone enjoyed the game thoroughly and we couldn’t get enough of the “batting” we got to do every inning. For some, this meant disappearing to the snack table while their team was out in the field, only to come back when it came time to be at bat again! Needless to day, these teammates were welcomed back to help score more runs. 

While the night went by fast and our crowd of 50 ebbed and flowed, we found ourselves overjoyed at the delightful experience shared with so many wonderful folks. Join us again on July 18 for our Sixth Annual Huss Future Festival and then on August 19 for our final Community Fun Extravaganza of Summer 2015!