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Seeking rummage donations!



It’s that time of year again. Garage sales are in bloom, folks are out walking the streets, looking for hot deals, and Future Festival is fast approaching. We want to help people find those deals at Future Festival 2014 with a giant rummage sale! There are always things to be sold, things that can be recycled from one home to the next, and who doesn’t have a few things to unload? One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure, as the saying goes. But we need treasure. So if you have treasure to pass along, bring it to us in the next month and we will do our best to find it a good home.

Who can you call? You can call me! Or email me. Here are some details:

Contact person: David Stewart
Phone or text: 269-873-1482

I do not accept faxes or telegraphs, but feel free to contact me any other way! We will come get your stuff, or you can drop it off directly at The Huss Project. We’re there often, but definitely give us a heads up if you’re stopping by so we can be there for sure.

All proceeds from the sale will go towards The Huss Project. Thank you again for continuing to support and sustain our vision!