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Hussagram: Last of the Season’s Harvest


These last few weeks of January have been difficult for all of us, and feels like it was ages ago that we were in our garden at Huss digging up the last of our vegetables. But we have been reminded of those days recently when we made Potato and Kale Skillet Gratin with the last of our potatoes. Our winter CSA ended two weeks back, so from now until May we will be shopping for our vegetables from the store. Even so, we are grateful for the few butternut squash that remain, and the vegetables that we were able to save by freezing late last year. It is so exciting to pull a bag of frozen Salsa Verde out of the freezer and have a small taste of summer! A few more snowy days remain before things start growing again, but until they do, we’re happy to roast another butternut squash or bake another potato.