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I don’t have $100 … now what?

One of the important values of the Huss Project is creating space for all people to contribute what they are able, in the belief that we all have something to give.  For some of us, we have gifts of time or creativity.  Others have the ability to give money or encouragement.

We know that $100 is a hefty price tag for a brick, and yet we also need to raise dollars to keep the work of the Huss Project going.  It’s a tension that is frustrating at times, but the good news is that we can all pitch in with what we have!  If you can’t afford a brick on your own, but would still like to contribute to the campaign, here are a few ideas:

  • Go in on a brick together with your family members, small group, book club.  If you can afford $50, offer your own mini-match to encourage other contributors.
  • Auction off naming rights for your brick.
  • Hold a mini-fundraiser doing something you love to do (for example, a five-song concert during lunch time at your workplace).
  • Give a smaller gift, which will help us cover the expenses of fundraising events like our Underground Supper Clubs.

And if you don’t have any money to spare, there are still many ways to contribute:

  • Pray for the Huss Project, the *cino staff and all of those who will have a hand in this summer’s activities: the community garden, internships, Family Fun Nights, summer lunches, Future Fest and more.
  • If you’re local, volunteer for one of the summer activities.  We need all the help we can get!
  • Use your Facebook page, community bulletin board or other means to help spread the word.
  • Send us a note of encouragement.  A few kind words go a long way around here.

Thank you for offering your unique gifts in service of the Huss Project and many other wonderful, life-giving efforts in Three Rivers and beyond!



Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Kirstin is a member of the *culture is not optional core community and is the Head Caretaker at GilChrist Retreat Center.