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Huss Stories: Emily Ulmer

Photobooth Cutouts

When I first moved to Three Rivers the great brick edifice that is Huss School was too large and looming for me to comprehend.   My arrival in the winter and the building’s lack of heat allowed me to acclimate to the idea of community development in Three Rivers slowly.  Usually I take a running leap into the chilly water on the first warm day of the year, yet with The Huss Project I let each of my toes warm to the idea.

I moved to Three Rivers at the end of a period of turmoil in my life.  After several hard years it felt as though I had little to offer but the *culture is not optional community said ‘come be who you are and share what you can.’  I say YES to *culture is not optional and YES to Huss School because they say YES to me.  Though I still consider myself an apprentice to Three Rivers, discovering with each new person I meet and each season spent here what makes this place unique, I am hopeful and excited in the possibility of this place.  It is my desire that The Huss Project be a place that welcomes everyone in Three Rivers and beyond whatever their ability or place in the family of things.  So this summer, for the third summer in a row,  I will be found crafting, laughing, jumping, and weeding at Huss School as I attempt to welcome as I have been welcomed.