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Reason #31: Because today’s the last day!

*cino needs YOU to vote each day in December to help us win a $50,000 grant to renovate the old kindergarten room at Huss School! Why vote? Read on…
Reason #31: Because today’s the last day!
Dear friends of *cino,
December has been a busy month for us as we’ve focused on getting people to vote for our application for a $50,000 through the Refresh Everything project. Even though we didn’t get in the top 10 to receive a grant, we are still very encouraged and hopeful!
We are encouraged that so many people — both local and around the world, from old friends to people we’ve never met — were willing to show support for the future projects at Huss School by voting each day (and sometimes more than once a day).
We are encouraged that, even though we’re a tiny organization in a very small town, we finished as high as we did in a group of nearly 400 other projects!
We are hopeful that, even without a magical influx of $50,000, we will find ways to work together and resurrect the Huss School building as a thriving hub of service and imagination for college students and the local community.
A wise friend has told us that there’s no such thing as failure when we dream such big, ridiculous dreams — just changes of direction and opportunities for creativity. In that spirit, watch for news of other opportunities to get involved and support the project that are in the works for 2011, including a chili cook-off and and online art auction.
Another wise friend has said he’s learned that believing in God’s providence means trusting that we already have just what we need. We are grateful that our list of gifts includes you! Thank you for the many ways you’ve contributed to the work of *culture is not optional, on location in Three Rivers and around the world!
Rob & Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma
To make a financial gift before (or after!) the year turns to 2011, click here. Or go here to send us an update or word of encouragement.